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"Yoga is a lightness, a freedom.

Freedom comes when every part of the body is active.

Let us be free in every action we are doing. 

Let us be full in whatever we do" B.K.S.Iyengar

Yoga is a complete form of movement, meditation and exercise practice coordinating breath, movement, bandhas (internal energy) and dristhis (focus points) with specific sequences of aligned poses or “asanas”. Yoga is about being present in the moment. Whether you can twist yourself into a pretzel is ultimately not important (even though it’s great fun trying!) Each students practice develops gradually in a balanced, all-around manner so that flexibility, strength, body/mind/breath coordination all grow organically together through regular practice, leading to the sequences becoming second nature. As the student makes progress, both the asana difficulty and the challenges of keeping the mind focused and the breath coordinated to the moves and steady throughout the practice become greater. Each sequence provides the framework for a student to develop their practice at their own pace, freeing up the body while addressing individual strengths and weaknesses along the way. The repetitive nature of practice means that the teacher knows each students practice and ability intimately and can monitor and tailor (guide) their progress with great precision, while the students dedication allows the transformational nature of the practice to work through them as they learn/master the physical form.



Hello yogis and potential yogis! 

Here is a little insight into me and my life.

I have been practicing yoga and bodywork for over 28 years, 

Drawing from these years of yoga experience, and over 15 years of full time yoga teaching, I use a range of styles and methods to build mobility, strength, flexibility and wellness. I use a very therapeutic approach in my 1~1 sessions, assessing what your strengths and limits and needs are to create a bespoke progressive yoga practice which provides the maximum benefit for the body and mind. 

I was first introduced to yoga in 1994 after sailing to Kauai in my teens where i worked as a professional sailor and yacht captain. When I wasn't off sailing the deep blue seas, I lived on the islands with a collective of artists one of whom taught (and still teaches) Hatha yoga. I loved the meditative approach to connecting with physical movement and yoga practice has been part of my life ever since. 

In 2000 I finished an Iyengar teacher training foundation and that style influenced my practice for many years.

In 2004 I moved to London from California and was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa. The linking of breath with synchronised movement had a deep impact on me and Ashtanga vinyasa has been my primary yoga practice since then. 

I started teaching yoga full time in 2008 after apprenticing for two years with my teacher, and completing a British Wheel of Yoga recognised Teacher training with The Life Centre/Yoga Campus in London. 

Since then I frequently participate in workshops and teacher trainings with top local and international teachers such as Eileen Gauthier, John Scott, Richard Freeman, Judith Lasater, Ana Forrest, among others ranging from acrobatic yoga, dynamic flow, restorative meditation, remedial yoga therapy, and of course Ashtanga. 

Outside of teaching and my own yoga practice some things i love; gardening so i can dig my hands and feet into the earth, sailing with just the sound of wind in the sails and the splash of sea on the decks, horseback riding, surfing, climbing, motorcycles, camping out under the stars, travelling, the list could go on and on... But back to yoga

My classes and teaching have a firm focus on safe alignment which help make the postures and movement accessible to all levels of student. Classes are fun while at the same time energising, challenging, and relaxing. 

I also teach privately, and my popular bespoke lessons and unique sequences are catered to your specific needs and goals. 


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Nils Thomas Yoga
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